Article in Dagens Perspektiv: Leadership of the Future

Camilla Brugrand writes: Director of Stanford ChangeLabs Banny Banerjee knows what he is looking for in tomorrow's change leaders

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Annette Zou
November 13, 2018
Photo Credit: Camilla Brugrand

Recently featured in an article by Camilla Brugrand in Dagens Perspektiv.

Director of Stanford ChangeLab's Banny Banerjee knows what he is looking for tomorrow's leaders.

Four years before Even Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, refused to sell the Facebook Facebook Media platform to $ 3.6 billion, he was in the classroom of innovation expert Banny Banerjee at Stanford University.  

In this classroom, the idea of ​​the popular Snapchat app started to grow. We meet ChangeLabs and University Director Banerjee in Palo Alto to hear what he looks for when picking students to his coveted course.

A-team of students, he chooses from a variety of disciplines to enable them to function as a perfect team.

"These young people will take over the leadership team and change established industries early in their career and change what these industries do," Banerjee says while taking a sip of coffee outside the student cafe Coupa Cafe at the university campus.

Change the world

One of the first things the director is looking for is what kind of world students want to create and how they can use just their knowledge to change the world.

"I'm looking for individuals seeking success in meaningful ways.

The ideal leaders of the future do not respect professional limitations. According to Banerjee, they break the boundaries between sectors and industries. They have an integrated mindset and they understand the value of skills and technique.

- Your identity is not based on the professional title, whether you are an engineer or civil economist. Their identity is that they can achieve meaningful meaning.


Read the full article here: Leadership of the Future

(If you can't read Norwegian, you might need to translate it!)

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