System Acupuncture™

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An end to end systems innovation approach for addressing large-scale complex challenges

The need for a systems approach

We live in an era marked by change. Decision makers and leaders must deal with rapid changes in business models, market forces, technological platforms, resource scarcity, competitive landscapes, and global challenges. Our current modes of leadership and decision making might have been appropriate for situations with more predictability and stability, but they now need to be more “fit-for-purpose” for dealing with external change, while taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

Our organization, business, and societal problems are not purely technological challenges or management ones, but are systems challenges that require new types of solutions. We can avoid the pitfalls of “system-blindness” by using the right approaches for meeting systems challenges with systemic solutions. Business innovation, technology innovation, and human centered design approaches need to be directed by systems based strategies in order to build robust resilient solutions.

Systems Acupuncture®

Complexity cannot be wished away just because we want simplicity. Systems approaches involve both understanding the underlying complexity of the system as well as innovating actionable pathways for system change. We need processes that can help us identify:

  • Where to intervene
  • What to modify
  • How to achieve desired change

Systems Acupuncture® is a strategy and innovation approach, which presents a practice, philosophy, and theoretical frame, designed for turning complex, multi-dimensional challenges into actionable strategies.

System Acupuncture brings about systemic transformation in the contexts of challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. System Acupuncture® is a multi-faceted approach that leverages a number of disciplines involved in large scale system change. Some of these disciplines include:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Resilience Theory
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Theory of Scale
  • 4th Sector Business Models
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Technology Platforms
  • Organizational Design
  • Platform Thinking

Five principles that make System Acupuncture® unique

Inherently human centered: It employs a deeply human-centered approach, behavior change tools, and social psychology theories.

Drives action based on a systems perspective: It investigates integrated causal chains that drive system behavior, to spot leverage points, and the key driving dynamics for large-scale change.

Integrates multi-layered complexity: It does not shy away from simultaneously looking at multiple system layers (governance, infrastructure, technology, human behavior, business models, and situational constraints).

Organization change and capacity building is a given: It recognizes the need for organizational change and capacity building as inevitable components of any transformational initiative aimed at scaled impact.

A space for cross-domain co-creation: Brings together partners of diverse perspectives to create new thinking, new classes of solutions, and new implementation partners.

Systems Innovation Capacity Building
System Transformation Masterclass
Systems Acupuncture Project