Systems Approaches

System challenges require system approaches, scaled challenges require scaled interventions. Addressing challenges require leveraging the appropriate approach. We develop system-based approaches fit for different classes of challenges.

System Acupuncture ®

ChangeLabs' powerful System Innovation methodology, System Acupuncture® brings about systemic transformation to challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. These approaches are multi-disciplinary and leverage existing system change fields including behavioral sciences, social psychology, resilience theory, diffusion theory, ecology, entrepreneurship, data science, economics, organizational behavior, technology strategy, and business strategy.

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Systems Leadership

The 21st Century leader needs to drive our current systems towards a desired future. Critical for emerging challenges, Systems Leadership is a capacity necessary for leaders to navigate their organizations through impending changes presented by uncertain futures.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a powerful human centered innovation approach that addresses challenges at the interaction point between people and the system. It can be used to design highly effective products and services that improve the experience of its users.

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Behaviorally Informed Design

Behaviorally Informed Design is a set of frameworks built on principles from behavioral sciences that help us design for change in behavior. Designing interventions with intentional behavior change in mind has the power to scale and sustain impact.

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Game System Design

Game designers in the interactive entertainment industry are professional system designers. The ability to imagine worlds and systems that don't yet exist, then construct coherent system experiences that tap into deep human engagement is crucial for designing interventions to transform complex systems.
Leverage the power of game design techniques to create systems, interventions, and platforms that engage and transform system behaviors.

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If you would like to introduce systems innovation methodologies to your organization, tell us about the challenge you are working on and let's see how our systems approaches can help.

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