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Systems Initiatives

We help organizations design systems transformation pathways and build system change capacity.

Types of challenges we work on:

  • Complex Systems Transformation challenges
  • Deep organizational change
  • Multi-stakeholder transformation summits and initiatives
  • Transformation Platforms and Public Private Partnership
  • Fourth Sector Business innovation
  • Next generation technology platforms
  • Next generation technology platforms
  • Behavior change and Diffusion Strategy
  • System Acupuncture® dashboards and measurement models
  • Systems Leadership programs
  • Innovation labs and innovation strategy programs
  • Scaled Impact Summits
  • Transformation workshops (ChangeWorks)
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Our projects make large-scale systemic impact

Working with us

Our systems approaches are most leveraged when working on challenges that are:

Real, scaled and open ended

Global challenges are ill-served by siloed thinking. We combine disparate fields and transcend disciplinary boundaries. The result is a new type of thinking and conceptual frames that can adequately respond to so-called“wicked” problems.

Driving for multi-outcome impact

Our systems approaches produce robust strategies that drive impact on multiple fronts simultaneously.From the onset, we strive for alignment between economic, social, environmental and resilience dimensions.


We take on a systems perspective of the challenges we work on. Guided by ourSystem Acupuncture approach, we deploy tools and models designed for creating systems based innovations required to change the system.

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