Future of Connected Homes

In bustling towns and cities, how can we convince residents to view their living spaces as homes in a tightly-knit community?
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AT&T’s innovation labs in Palo Alto, CA, worked with ChangeLabs to create a vision and strategy for a game-changing intervention to influence people's behaviors through the concept of "a more connected home."

Homes are changing fast. Walls are disappearing. Internet connectivity, large-format TVs, lighting control systems, energy monitoring systems, and technologies such as smart thermostats are changing people’s behaviors in spaces and increasing their ecological footprint.


The average suburban home is not the standard model for growth in future real estate and the lives that are shaped by it. We spend a significant amount of time in our homes, but over the decades, we have lost a sense of community ­– our sense of place. Our lives at home are gradually blending with our lives at work. Our mental model of a home is still a static one, despite the degree to which our lives are spent in transit, in the digital space, and connecting with people through communication means.

The intent of this project was to design the concepts, strategies, and tangible interventions to transform the home, drive behavior change to influence a better sense of community, reduce the ecological footprint, and enable a deeper sense of meaning in people's lives.


The team focused on designing innovative business models, while leveraging cloud computing and sensor technology. This was a scaled intervention that included a novel concept, strategy, and a plan to increase value from a social, economic and environmental front.

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