Katherine Uhlman

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Katherine Uhlman

Designer, Writer and Coordinator

Kate Uhlman is a sustainability systems analyst with a focus on global food systems. Combining an academic background in design, environmental science, and cultural psychology, she seeks to find solutions to complex sustainability challenges that are culturally appropriate and empower local populations.

At ChangeLabs, Kate provides logistical support for programs and projects, manages communication and sales channels, and creates marketing content. She also works as an external liaison manager and copywriter. In this capacity, she proactively seeks and coordinates with industry and institutional partners (such as World Resources Institute, Dow, and UNDP) to participate in ChangeLabs programs.

Kate was a teaching assistant for the ChangeLabs course,“Innovating Large-Scale Sustainable Transformations”. In this role, Kate managed communication between students, external project partners, and instructors. Kate also worked as a policy analyst and communications liaison for Blue Ocean Barns, where she carried out research on how to scale up the use of a seaweed dietary additive that significantly reduces cattle methane production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She has also worked on a project aimed at redesigning incentives to support sustainable agricultural practices in Latin America.

Kate holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Science and Practice and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stanford University.