Theodora Gibbs-Plessl

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Theodora Gibbs-Plessl


Theo works at the intersection of system science and human-centered design. She completed her M.S. in Earth Systems Science in 2013 at Stanford University, where she studied the social and environmental impacts of new agricultural value chain approaches such as “direct trade.” She also holds a B.A. in environmental anthropology from Stanford. Prior to her masters program, she analyzed barriers and policy solutions for U.S. domestic poverty and chronic hunger eradication as an Emerson Fellow. She also co-founded Rootspace Design, which became a finalist in the Hult International Business Competition.

She currently works with YLab, a global health lab that improves young people's health and financial futures through data-driven design, as a Senior Designer. Leveraging her expertise in human-centered design, she is leading a project that seeks to empower young people in their reproductive decisions, and overcome healthcare provider bias towards young people in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and Pakistan.

She was part of the Stanford ChangeLabs teaching team for the class at the “Collaborating with the Future” from 2014 to 2018.