The Director's Letter

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Thanks for coming by!

ChangeLabs is an innovation lab that was created with the purpose to help address and tackle today's increasingly interconnected massive environmental, economic and social challenges. Current business-as-usual approaches and behaviors are undercutting economic growth, making poverty traps more entrenched, eroding food security, and further prolonging existing social inequities. Traditional means that have brought us here need to make way for new trans-disciplinary paradigms.

Our primary goal at ChangeLabs is therefore to train new leaders and create win-win strategies, frame transformative initiatives that generate positive human behavior change, and establish better (and profitable) business models in ways that address the scale, complexity, and the urgency of the current challenges we face. We believe that our current global challenges demand collaborations that can cut deeply across silos, organizations, and geographies.

In order to come up with new solutions, ChangeLabs has been developing a new innovation methodology and a new way of leading, managing, and scaling organizations. We call this thinking System Acupuncture. This novel approach incorporates theories from several fields, including behavioral economics, social psychology, resilience theory, diffusion theory, systems analysis, Design Thinking, ecology, entrepreneurship, big data, information technology, decision science, organizational behavior, technology strategy, and business strategy.

We are committed to and obsessed with large-scale platform solutions. So far, ChangeLabs has worked with large technology industries to re-shape internal processes and make them more sustainable; identified robust strategies to produce scaled impact in U.S. fishery management with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; designed sustainable systems providing individual water security in India; and worked with big and small utility companies to come up with large-scale energy-saving strategies across California. In partnership with The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) funded by USAID, we have also designed sustainable innovation strategies in 20 African universities in 16 countries. Our work in Africa is addressing resilience challenges and empowering hundreds of local African innovators.

We are only getting started. Our challenges are extraordinary and the community of people who are advancing the field of scaled transformation is small.

Have a look around, take a look at our resources, and consider getting involved with our lab. We're continuously looking for partners and talent with the passion and drive to make real change in scaled and complex challenges. We need deep systemic shifts.

I am optimistic, and excited, about what we can do together at ChangeLabs.

Founder and Director of Stanford ChangeLabs